Teaching yourself guitar
can be tough

and leave you:

  • Frustrated at your lack of progress
  • Not knowing what to practice and when
  • Thinking you don’t have talent
  • Envying (not in a good way) other guitarists
  • Not enjoying time with your instrument
  • Ultimately giving up on your dreams

An experienced guitar teacher

can help you:

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Get more from your practice sessions

By giving you practice material for your specific needs, you’ll be making the most of your practice time by only practicing what you need to in that moment.

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Become inspired to play and practice

Having an expert explain their methods 1-on-1 can be inspirational, as you’ll get to see, in real time, the possibilities of what you can do on guitar.

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Build confidence in your own abilities

Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to realize you do ‘have what it takes' to progress on guitar, increasing both confidence and motivation.

I'm Sergio Klein

and the best part of my job is seeing the joy in my students
when they achieve things on guitar they thought impossible

If you've been grinding it out on your own and feel like you're not getting anywhere with your guitar playing, then don't beat yourself up.

All the information you could ever need is at your finger tips, but this can cause overwhelm and have you chasing the next shiny object you think will make you a better player.

You may even think you don't have what it takes to become the guitarist you desire. Well I'm here to tell you that you can do it. All you need is the right guidance.

I know you have a dream you want fulfilled through guitar, and I would love the opportunity to help you achieve this.

Sergio teaching a student over Zoom
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Frank Cifarelli testimonial image

Sergio was my first real guitar teacher, and one of the most amazing players I’ve ever had the good fortune to study with. And so knowledgeable. I can’t recommend him enough as a teacher.

Frank Cifarelli - New York, USA

Oliver Fleischer testimonial image

Sergio has had a huge influence on my taste in music, my musical knowledge, and of course, the way how I play guitar. I always fell better after a lesson, he is a big inspiration to me.

Oliver Fleischer - Berlin, Germany

Pujan Klose testimonial image

I’ve taken lessons with Sergio for around 3 years. I especially like that he tries to overcome even your minor flaws in technique with useful exercises, so you can overcome them finally.

Pujan Klose - Berlin, Germany

You're just 3 steps away

from the progress you deserve

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Book a FREE Consultation
so I can gauge your
needs and ability

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Confirm a time
to meet for lessons
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Apply the lessons
in your own practice
and get results

I know you’re the kind of person

who wants to
express themselves through guitar

In order to do that, you need to treat music as a language. The goal is to be fluent in music, the same way you use words, sentences, and paragraphs without thinking to express thoughts verbally.

The problem is, most teachers don’t teach this way and focus on many different aspects of guitar. What they teach is important, but they don’t integrate them in any meaningful way so you understand ‘the big picture’. This can make you feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, and that you don’t have what it takes to become a great guitar player.

I believe you deserve results for your effort, and fulfillment through guitar shouldn't be reserved for the 'naturally talented'.

I’ve worked with many students over the years, and understand their frustration when they feel their dreams are out of reach. That’s why I’m dedicated to breaking down my approach to guitar, in an understandable way that gets results.

So, if you’d like me to help you build your own musical language, 
then follow these 3 steps:

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  1. 1
    Book a FREE Consultation so I can gauge your needs and ability
  2. 2
    Confirm a time to meet for lessons via Zoom
  3. 3
    Apply the lessons in your own practice and get results

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