Mission Objective

To empower the modern guitarist in the conquest of shitty music.

About Jonny Mac

Image of Jonny Mac, Founder - Fretfury Guitar Lessons

Jonny Mac is a guitarist and web developer from New Zealand and spends his time between there and Germany.

Music has always been a vital part of Jonny’s life and from a young age he always wanted to play guitar. “I don’t know why, I just remember a force inside me knowing music would become my life’s purpose.”

Jonny is the guitarist, vocalist, and song writer for his own metal project First In Charge. After spending enough time in the “Rat Den” in Melbourne, Australia playing metal, he decided he wanted to escape the rat race and put his guitar skills into something more productive. The idea for Fretfury was born and Jonny spent the next 5 years studying web development and online marketing.