The Fretfury Philosophy

We focus on what we call ‘The 3 Pillars of Guitar Mastery’ to help guitarists excel in all areas of their playing

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Guitar Technique

From complex fretboard wizardry to strumming basic chords, guitar technique is where your fingers meet the fretboard. No matter how good your musical ideas, if you can’t channel them through your fingers to the guitar, then your playing is not at its full potential.

Music Theory & Harmony

No matter what style you play – whether you know it or not, there is harmony at work. Having a decent understanding of music theory & harmony means you have more control over your musical choices. When combined with technique, theory & harmony set the foundation to your musical freedom.

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Musical Application

How come some players sound so good with such a small musical vocabulary, while those with flawless technique and chops can sound sterile? The answer is how they apply their technical and theoretical knowledge in a musical way. Musical application is where the rubber meets the road, combining technique and harmony to create interesting music.

Who Can Benifit From Fretfury Guitar Lessons

Unfortunately we don’t cater to every guitarist. If you can relate to the categories below, then Fretfury is the right fit for you

Skill Level

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While not needing to be an advanced player, you’ll need some skills to get the most from our lessons. If you have a rudimentary understanding in each of the 3 Pillars of Guitar Mastery, then all good.

Music Style

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Our key focus is in the modern metal/hard rock genre, but we also cover aspects of blues and classic rock. If this is the type of music you like to play, then you’re in good company.


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If you’re a weekend warrior, or just want to learn your favourite songs, then we’re probably not for you. If you’re serious about guitar and are prepared to put in the effort, then you’re in the right place.